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Research Centre offers fresh eggs

By Michel Proulx University of Alberta   

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The Light Sussex chicken is one of five heritage breeds teh Poultry Research centre is preserving. University of Alberta.

Apr. 15, 2013 – Adopt a heritage chicken and get some fresh eggs!

In an effort to preserve five heritage chicken breeds, the University of Alberta’s Poultry Research Centre is selling farm fresh eggs from the five breeds to the general public.

For a fee of $75, consumers can adopt a heritage chicken and in turn, pick up a dozen farm fresh eggs every other week from the Poultry Research Centre on the university’s South Campus.


The free run chickens are raised using strict bio-security farming practices and fed an all-natural diet.

“The benefits of the natural environment in which we raise our chickens are passed on to the eggs, which are of high quality and very nutritious,” said Agnes Kulinski, business director of the Poultry Research Centre.

The program begins March 28 and will run for five months. A second, bigger program is expected to start later this year.

It’s important to preserve the genetic material of the heritage breeds as they are the basis for today’s commercial poultry. Poultry experts have expressed concerned that these antique birds should be conserved in case they are required in the future. The breeds are Light Sussex, White Leghorn, Dark Brown Leghorn, Barred Plymouth Rock and New Hampshire.

To register or for more information, please contact Agnes Kulinski by email at

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