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Russia slashes poultry industry support

July 5, 2012
By David Manly


Jul. 5, 2012 – Russia has slashed both financing and farmer support within the poultry industry until at least the year 2020.

According to a report on the RBCDaily (in Russian – translated version can be found here), the Ministry of Finance announced that total farmer support will be reduced to 1.4 trillion from 2.48 trillion roubles from 2013-2020. This will result in the poultry industry financing program having to decrease from 250 billion to 100 billion roubles – a 60 per cent change.

“Due to the new investors, as well as various innovations, Russian manufacturers expected to increase the daily growth of birds to 60 g, to reduce feed conversion to 1.6, and increase egg production to 325 units a year per one layer. With such a sharp reduction in funding we can forget about it,” said a member of the Russian Union of Poultry Farmers (Rosptitssoyuz).


These funding cuts have many farmers doubting the overall competitiveness of domestic producers and the subsequent reliance on imports that will arise.

For more, please see the full article on the RBCDaily (English version)