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Statement on Proposition 2 by Californians for SAFE Food

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November 5, 2008- Californians for SAFE Food , the statewide coalition endorsing a No vote
on Proposition 2, extends sincere gratitude to the California family
farmers, food safety and public health experts, veterinary, consumer,
business, agricultural, senior, Latino, African American, labor and
community groups who lent their energy, expertise and support to the No
on Prop. 2 campaign.

The Yes on 2 campaign , backed by one of the nation's richest Washington DC-based special interest and lobbying groups, led an emotionally manipulative, dishonest, and often deceptive campaign.  Despite this, Californians for SAFE Food put together an unprecedented effort and was successful on several key fronts:
We worked to persuade California's Attorney General and Secretary of State to bring more reasonable, balanced and truthful wording to the ballot title. 
We brought together a broad, diverse group of interests – from agricultural and business groups to labor and community organizations – to oppose Prop. 2. 
We raised and spent significant resources to educate Californians about the risky, dangerous and costly consequences of this initiative.  
We convinced more than 30 leading newspapers from every reach and region of the state to urge Californians to vote 'no' on Prop. 2. 
The special interest group that pushed Prop 2 will now go back to Washington, and leave it to California's farmers, veterinarians, regulators and lawyers to interpret what this poorly-conceived and vaguely-worded initiative actually means for the real people it affects.


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