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December 1929

It is quite possible to blow ones own horn and yet not be an egotist.  Of course in a case of this sort it is necessary to have something behind the shouting or it will drift away on the wind leaving nothing.  Canada Poultryman can shout and the echo will drift back showing that the words have not fallen on barren ground, for Canada Poultryman has something behind its words to back it up.

All the shouting there will be is right in this editorial, and it is going to be all about how good a magazine Canada Poultryman is.  Of course the publishers know it is good and the editor knows even better than anybody else, but when dozens and dozens of subscribers keep writing in and telling how good they think it is, and hundreds of new subscribers are getting their names put on the list every month – well: its just about time the editor uses this space for a little shouting on his own account.

The best way to compare magazines is to take the general appearance of them first.  That is, size up the make-up.  Are the articles attractively displayed with headings that are big enough to show one which article is an important one.  Are the stories on the various exhibits, prize winners, and novelties in the news, well illustrated?  Are the educational articles really educational and interesting enough to hold the readers attention to the last line?  If you can answer yes to those questions you can be sure that the magazine you are looking at is a good one.


There are many different types of Poultry publications, some good and some not, but it is impossible to please all readers no matter how good or well edited a magazine may be.  An analysis of many opinions on the subject of “What sort of material comprises a good poultry publication” then an amalgamation of the best points specified by the majority of opinions will just about give the answer to the question, providing the opinions are those of experienced and successful men of the industry.

Canada Poultryman has been worked out along these lines.  Its circulation and advertising are increasing with every issue, its readers are forever telling it how good it is; these things prove that it must be good.  But instead of growing a swelled head as many successful people do, Canada Poultryman is going to try and keep on improving but it must once in a while have a little shout or two, just like this.

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