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Top 5 Canadian Poultry stories of 2022

Brett Ruffell   

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Here are the most read stories from the past year.

1. Winter broiler feed formulations
Due to typically moist conditions within the chicken house during the winter, gut health can be affected by coccidiosis and enteric bacterial and viral challenges. In many cases, the nutritionist will attempt to make adjustments to feed formulation.

2. Who’s Who – B.C. – Dr. Stewart Ritchie
Dr. Stewart Ritchie is a poultry veterinarian, researcher and educator. Through his research firm Canadian Poultry Consultants, which is also a veterinary practice, he delivers numerous classes. He also started two conferences and a broiler research facility.

3. Dihydrogen Monoxide: It’s just water!
How many times have you decided to start a water program and begun the process of gathering information only to give up shortly thereafter because of the overload of complicated and, often, conflicting information? These few basic steps will go a long way.


4. Minimizing feed wastage
Depending on which chickens are being produced, broilers or broiler breeders, up to 70 per cent of the cost can be allocated to feed. With feed costs continuing to rise, minimizing feed waste is more important than ever. However, feed wastage isn’t just a cost issue.

5. Who’s Who – N.L. – Nathan Dennis
Nathan Dennis is a lucky man. At this point, he’s only in his early thirties and is already living several lifelong dreams, including commercial egg farming. He’s the proud owner of Long Range Poultry Farm in Cormack, N.L.

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