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Vehicle Disinfecting System

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Neptune Northern Inc. offers vehicle disinfecting systems that are designed to ensure a consistent mist to the full vehicle and cargo, and if desired, systems can be equipped with blowers to clean debris from the cargo prior to spraying. A modular design allows the customer to order systems in the appropriate length to meet their specific needs.

Two systems are offered:

Neptune Full Canopy Wash


canopy_washStandard models available can be configured as a full canopy wash; or as a 6-ft or 8-ft sidewall system with or without spray protection; or in a custom design. Systems are easily installed using a poly tank to house the disinfectant and are designed to run on single phase power. All models are engineered for ease of transport and user-friendly operation.

Neptune Mobile Instant Responder

mobile_responderThe Neptune Mobile Instant Responder Disinfecting System is a one-piece, fully-integrated unit that can be brought in on a roll-away truck and unloaded in minutes. The system is designed to operate off of a 110-volt power circuit or can be equipped with an attached generator. Simply hook it up to water and it’s ready to go. It can be used as a closed-loop water recycling system, or the disinfectant can be allowed to run off.

Neptune Northern Inc. will guide buyers in system selection, customization, turnkey installation, training and maintenance. They also offer parts and service support 24/7.

For more information, contact Ron Harrison tel: 866-960-9277, e-mail: , or visit:

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