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WeighPack Introduces new Horizontal Form Fill Seal – Swifty R2B

December 19, 2008
By Canadian Poultry


Systems Inc. (WeighPack) is pleased to launch its first HFFS machine, the
Swifty R2B.
Horizontal form fill
and seal technology integrates bag making, filling, sealing, and printing in
one automatic process thus increasing productivity and reducing labor and film

The Swifty R2B eliminates the need to purchase pre-made bags. It uses
laminated roll stock film to create a variety of different pouch  styles
including; flat-bottom, stand-up, 3-sided seal and 4-sided seal bags with or
without zipper closures.

to handle bag sizes ranging from 3” to 8” wide and 4” to 11” long, the R2B runs
with speeds of up to 120 bags per minute.

features include stainless steel construction, Schneider PLC controls and servo
motor and OMRON temperature controller. Options such code dating, zipping
device, film perforator and a notcher for easy tear-off are also available.


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