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Why the Egg Pool?

By Canadian Poultry   

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February 1929

In the March issue of Canada Poultryman an article on the co-operative movement as it effects the Poultry Industry will be one of the leading features.  A brief resume of the history of a number of Egg Pools in Canada and the Untied States will make interesting reading.

Every poultryman, like members of other industries, does not see eye to eye, many have reasons for thinking egg pools are not the best thing for furthering the interests of the business, while others, they happen to be in the majority, favor this form of progress.  Canada Poultryman invites correspondence on this subject, there are two sides to every question, in some cases both sides have many worthy points in their favor, in this instance we wish to uncover them

A study of the subject convinces Canada Poultryman that a well organized sanely managed co-operative association, whether it be an egg pool, a milk association, or a grain growing association, will always improve conditions, tend to stabilize markets and secure higher prices for the product.  That is the reason this publication is behind the British Columbia Egg Pool with both barrels.


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