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WSPA launches “choose cage-free” campaign

Kristy Nudds   

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November 27, 2012 – The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) today announced the launch of its new “Choose Cage-Free” campaign in the U.S. and Canada, to recognize what it says it the scale and intensity of animal welfare issues presented by caged egg production.

The WSPA campaign is designed to educate consumers about what the organization calls the “disturbing plight” of egg-laying hens, and encourage them to buy cage-free eggs.

Josey Kitson, Executive Director of WSPA Canada said in a release “buying cage-free eggs supports better hen health and welfare.”


Despite some media attention on this issue in the past year, a recent study conducted on behalf of WSPA by a third-party firm, The NPD Group Inc., found that consumers are drastically underestimating the number of caged-hens producing their eggs[1]. This study also found that 70 per cent of Canadians believe that to be treated humanely, a hen should be able to stretch her wings and move around, something she is not able to do in a cage.

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[1] The NPG Group study found that in Canada, consumers believe that 71 per cent of their eggs come from hens kept in cages. The actual number is closer to 95 per cent.


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