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Ziggity introduces e-bulletin service

By Ziggity Systems Inc.   

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April 6, 2015 – Ziggity Systems Inc. has introduced a new e-bulletin service called Watering Insights to disseminate information about poultry watering best practices at the same time as it is posted on the company’s educational site, Poultry Watering U, at

Subscribers to the service receive e-reports on some facet of poultry watering management. The information is applicable, in most cases, to all brands of poultry watering systems and is meant to serve as a continuing aid to producers in achieving the best results from their flock investments.

Ziggity has exclusively manufactured and supported enclosed watering equipment for more than 20 years, and brings a vast storehouse of field experience with poultry watering into email boxes with each bulletin.


“Our best management practices are all based on the ground level reality of poultry houses that we have worked with over the years,” said the company. “The principles and guidelines we’ve developed are proven, and are actually pretty simple once people get past some misconceptions.”

The first two e-bulletins addressed what the company believes are some essential misconceptions about poultry watering management that can hinder flock performance.

“Our first bulletins explain what we believe are core principles of good water management,” said the company. “As our Watering Insights series continues, we will address both overall management principles as well provide nuts-and-bolts, how-to information that will be immediately useful.”

Topic examples include determining effective regulator pressure settings, wet litter prevention, flushing biofilm, preventing system corrosion, checking for leaky drinkers, maintaining high water quality, adjusting drinker height, and making seasonal adjustments.

These principles and practices apply to broilers, layers, breeders/parent stock, as well as turkey poults and adults, ducks and geese. Ziggity Systems Inc. manufactures application specific drinkers and systems for all such birds.

“Producers can have a great watering system, but often they don’t take advantage of it in the best ways. These bulletins, which are also posted on PWU, are designed to be easy-to-digest nuggets of information in both written and video format that, over time, will cover in-depth all of the critical topics producers need to address for optimal flock performance on a consistent basis.”

People can subscribe to Watering Insights at and find videos and articles posted there about issues covered in the new e-bulletin.

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