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CBS Inc. expands NutraMix availability for harvest time

By Canadian Biosystems Inc.   

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September 18, 2015 –  Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) has once again expanded the availability of its feed quality product, NutraMix , for harvest time, as a means to provide industry with an important safeguard to ensure high quality livestock feed.

“This is a critical time of year for feed production and livestock sectors,” says Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Sales & Marketing Director. “Having that insurance policy to support high quality feed is of upmost importance. We’re pleased to offer expanded availability of NutraMix to customers across North America and internationally, both directly and through our distribution partners.”

NutraMix offers a powerful one-two punch as a feed enhancer that helps support safe, high-quality feed as well as animal performance benefits. It is available for use with both monogastric and ruminant livestock, including pigs, poultry, beef cattle and dairy cattle.


“It’s about feed quality. It’s about performance. It’s about the right science making a difference, to provide that peace of mind,” says Peters.  “With NutraMix, you know the quality is there and the animal is getting the best nutritional value possible from the feed.”

Threats from grain diseases and other potential sources of contaminants are a real concern and one that fluctuates year-to-year based on the growing conditions and region, says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Director.

“The risk is pretty substantial in a lot of places. No matter where you are it can be tough to predict. The approach with NutraMix is to take away the guessing game and know you’re protected. It’s unique in the marketplace and we see growing demand among feedmills, producers, nutritionists and others industry, to get that combination of defence and feed value optimization.”

One key component of the CBS Inc. NutraMix system is MycoCheck – a custom feed analysis tool available to NutraMix customers. “MycoCheck allows us to analyze samples and come back with precise recommendations on the best use of NutraMix,” says Patterson. “Customers only use what they need and make sure they have the right application level to get the job done.”

NutraMix includes a combination of absorbents, yeast polysaccharides and vitamins, carefully formulated to maximize the complementary activities of these ingredients. More information on study results and product benefits is available directly by contacting CBS Inc.

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