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View On-Demand Webinar: Minimizing the risk of Avian Influenza by purifying barn air


KaisAir is the air purification arm of Kaiser Ag Solutions Ltd. We have spent countless hours researching available solutions for air purification around the world. Recently teaming up with Pyure Inc, a company that specializes in purifying air, removing odour from air and treating commercial and residential air spaces, we have developed solutions to help minimize the risk of pathogens entering the barn as well as help treat the surfaces and air inside of barns.

Kaiser has also been working with a Japanese firm to develop their current patented air filtration system so as to be a drop-in solution for barns looking to minimize the risk of viruses and bacteria entering the barn through the air inlets.

Information on these systems can be found on our new website

We are looking to mimic the power of the sun inside of barns. Just as the sun creates radicals and hydroxyls in nature that sanitizes surfaces and the air, we create radicals and hydroxyls in our machines so as to sanitize surfaces and the air.

This allows birds to flourish and helps minimize the risk of bronchitis, avian influenza, salmonella, and helps with undergrades, bird gut health, and mortality rates.