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Protect Your Poultry Farm: Canadian Poultry’s Biosecurity Webinar Series

By Canadian Poultry   

Are you looking to fortify your farm against the looming threat of avian influenza and other serious diseases? Look no further than the inaugural Canadian Poultry Biosecurity Webinar Series, designed to arm you with the knowledge and strategies you need to safeguard your operations.

Hosted by Canadian Poultry magazine, this three-part series features presentations from esteemed biosecurity experts both domestic and international, offering invaluable insights into the latest practices and technologies shaping the industry.

Day 1:
June 6 – 3pm ET
Speaker #1: Jeroen Dewulf, University of Gent
Topic: Measuring and quantifying the level of biosecurity

Speaker #2: Manon Racicot, U of Montreal/CFIA
Topic: Promoting biosecurity compliance

Day 2:
June 13 – 3pm ET
Speaker #1: Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, biosecurity expert, University of Montreal
Topic: Vaccinating Against Avian Influenza: Pitfalls and Benefits – Learning from the French

Speaker #2: Rob Hannam, Farm Health Guardian
Topic: Digital biosecurity monitoring to reduce disease spread risks

Day 3:
June 20 – 3pm ET
Speaker #1: Mark Beaven, Ethoguard
Topic: The science of cleaning and disinfection

Speaker #2: Al Dam, poultry specialist, OMAFRA
Topic: Biosecurity lessons from avian influenza

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