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Canadian Poultry’s 2021 Top 4 Under 40 have been chosen!

In March 2021, Canadian Poultry launched our inaugural 4 Under 40 program, an initiative designed to recognize young poultry farming leaders. We were truly blown away by the incredible submissions we received.

Please join us in congratulating the following four producers selected as part of this year’s program:

Richard Boer, Brightside Poultry
Layers and Specialty Chicken, B.C.

Richard Boer built a diverse poultry farming business from the ground up. It encompasses specialty chicken, layers, pullets and an innovative retail store with a unique vending machine for egg purchases. He also takes time to give back, including volunteering at an egg farm in Africa.

Tiffany Martinka, Martinka Chicks
Broilers, Saskatchewan

A broiler producer, Tiffany Martinka is a strong advocate for chicken farming and agriculture in Canada and Saskatchewan. She’s also an educator, harnessing social media to give non-farmers an up-close-and-personal look at broiler production.

Harley Siemens, Siemens Farms
Layers and Pullets, Rosenort, Man.
Harley Siemens co-manages his family’s egg and pullet farm together with his dad Kurt Siemens. Harley recently led a huge renovation that included state of art technology, innovation and aviary housing for his hens and pullets. He’s also a tireless educator and advocate for his industry.

Anneke Stickney, Stickney Poultry Farm
Broilers and Layers, Elora, Ont.

Chicken and egg farmer Anneke Stickney led her farm’s expansion into broiler production as well as its transition from conventional layer housing to an enriched system. She also goes the extra mile for her industry and community, including overseeing egg donations, serving on a women’s network and more.

Please watch out for a new podcast series launching mid-July featuring interviews with this year’s winners.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s help in making the program’s inaugural year such a success!

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