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McDonald’s Canada answers your questions

June 6, 2012
By McDonald's Canada


June 6, 2012, Toronto, ON – For the first time, McDonald’s Canada is opening its virtual doors to answer Canadians’ questions about its food with the launch of a new and interactive online platform at From what’s in its famous hamburger patties to how the freshly-cracked Canada Grade A Egg in its iconic Egg McMuffin gets its shape, the initiative is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to be more transparent about its food and business.

“We’re proud of the quality behind our menu and passionate about sharing the real facts with Canadians who might be curious about our food,” said John Betts, President and CEO of McDonald’s Canada. “We’ve long been a leader in providing full nutrition information and ingredient listings for everything we serve, but there are still many food myths out there that are completely unfounded and that we aim to set the record straight on.”

Canadians can visit to ask a question about McDonald’s food – from what goes into a menu item to how it is made and prepared. The purpose-built tool enables participants to ask questions and have them personally answered. To ask a question, participants must log-in using their Facebook or Twitter account. Visitors to the page can search questions as well as see and share the questions that have already been asked and answered via their social channels.

“A key part of our ongoing success has always been our focus on listening and responding to customers,” added Betts. “This platform is a significant step towards our goal of having more meaningful and open conversations with our customers on areas of our business that are most important to them.”

The company’s efforts to have Canadians gain a better understanding about the quality of its food began in earnest in 2011 when it launched the McDonald’s All-Access Moms program, which took four real Canadian mothers on a behind-the-scenes tour of McDonald’s operations to find out the real facts about the company’s food. The participants shared their experience with Canadians on their blogs, social channels and on the popular daytime lifestyle show, CityLine. Information on the McDonald’s All-Access Moms program is available at

It has been McDonald’s Canada’s long-standing practice to provide relevant nutrition and ingredient information for its menu items so customers can make informed food choices. Today, when it comes to knowing exactly what they are eating at a McDonald’s restaurant, customers have more options than ever. Nutrition and ingredient information can be found at in the Nutrition Calculator and in-restaurant on posters, selected product packaging and tray liners.

About McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s is the leading foodservice company in the world. McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited and its Canadian franchisees own and operate more than 1,400 restaurants and employ more than 80,000 Canadians coast-to-coast. Approximately 80 per cent of McDonald’s Canadian restaurants are locally owned and operated by independent entrepreneurs. For more information about McDonald’s Canada, visit the company’s web site at