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Dec. 9, 2013 – Three companies, Aviagen, CEVA, and DSM, joined to create an information-packed two-days worth of seminars – October 22nd in Ontario and October 24th in Quebec – with their mutual customers in those cities. The spokespeople from these three sponsor companies shared their insights with more than 30 attendees at each venue on how genetics, health, and nutrition are key components in reaching production potential in poultry flocks.

The seminar was dubbed, The Triangle of Influence for Maximizing Profits. Genetics – Health- Nutrition, and featured presentations that examined the practical impact of genetic selection, diet, and preventive care has to the overall production potential in flocks.

“The strategic alliance between Aviagen, CEVA, and DSM in continuing customer education was exemplified in these two full days of collaboration featuring knowledgeable speakers and enthusiastic and engaged participants,” said Canadian Regional Business Consultant for Aviagen Scott Gillingham.


The triangle of interaction between veterinarians, nutritionists, and production managers extends the reach of the innovative research and development programs of the primary breeder through ideas, knowledge, and communication in the field to maximize poultry health, welfare, and financial return.

The program featured in-depth and relevant presentations including:

  • Breeding objectives and Selection Strategies for Broiler Production by Dr. Derek Emmerson , Aviagen, highlighted that annual improvements will continue with a diversity of breeds to meet market needs.
  • Optimum Vitamin Nutrition for Poultry, Dr. Marc deBeer, DSM Nutritional Products, emphasized the need to revisit vitamin and mineral levels. Vitamin levels have a dramatic effect on FCR and yield gains.
  • The Future in Vectored Vaccines, Dr. Christophe Cazaban, CEVA, discussed how vector vaccines optimize vaccine take and improve safety.
  • Coccidiosis: The Never Ending Story, Kobus VanHeerden, CEVA, discussed the improvements and importance of good coccidiosis control.
  • Poultry Feed Enzymes: Where are we?, Doug Teitge, DSM Nutritional Products, covered how enhancements in enzyme products promotes improvement of feed availability to the bird to meet the nutritional demands for growth and efficiency in poultry production.

“Together we share a common commitment of support and education that is focused on breeding success for poultry producers throughout Canada, and we look forward to participating in future educational events with CEVA and DSM,” added Gillingham.

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