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Video highlights 4-H Youth Ag-Summit

By 4-H Canada   

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Nov. 25, 2013, Ottawa, ON – 4-H Canada and Bayer CropScience are excited to launch a new video that highlights the accomplishments of the global 4-H Youth Ag-Summit, which was held this past August in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

As part of 4-H Canada’s 100th anniversary celebrations, 118 young delegates (18-25 years old) gathered from 24 different countries to discuss how their generation can overcome the challenges of feeding a growing world population of over 7-billion people.

4-H members discussed the theme of ‘Feeding a Hungry Planet’ and tackled topics such as food waste, climate change and the growing human footprint, consumer awareness of agricultural practices and farming efficiencies.
The final vision that was agreed upon by all the youth delegates was the following:

“To increase sustainable access to nutrient-dense food for women and children world-wide to alleviate global hunger.”  

4-H conferences, such as the 4-H Youth Ag-Summit, provide opportunities for Canadian youth to expand their knowledge in support of the food and agriculture industry.  Members have opportunities to travel nationally and internationally on exchanges, participate in leadership conferences as well as apply for scholarships, grants and awards.   4-H Canada works with all provinces to create clubs in local communities and has an exceptional track record of supporting the development of confidence and leadership among Canadian youth.   Fundamental to our mission is the creation of relevant programs that engage and nurture youth.       

“4-H Canada helps young people thrive in their community and beyond,” says Shannon Benner, CEO of 4-H Canada. “We were very excited to host this world-class event because investing in young people is at the heart of what 4-H does.”
“We were very proud to have had the global network to help facilitate bringing these bright minds to Canada,” explained Kamel Beliazi, president and CEO of Bayer CropScience Inc. “We need new and fresh thinking to solve these problems – the future relies on these young minds.”

A committee has been created, made up of delegates and mentors from the Summit, to fulfill the vision that was created by the delegates. They represent the nations who attended and will act as the support structure to help each individual fulfill their personal goals from the summit. This accountability is essential to ensure results from the global 4-H Youth Ag-Summit are achieved.

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