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Demand soars for backyard hens

Raising chickens increasingly popular during pandemic.

May 28, 2020
By St. Albert Gazette


Jenna Bartman of PrairieTree Manor, a small farm and hatchery outside of Westlock, said the increase in demand for chickens this year has been “like no other.”

She is sold out of everything and has a waitlist for chicks and pullets, but she also says the increase in interest in chickens has been particularly noticeable on social media.

She believes the increased interest is partially due to panic and not wanting to go out and shop, and partially due to people being at home with time on their hands.


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2 Comments » for Demand soars for backyard hens
  1. This is also happening in the states with all poultry. It is common in times of uncertainty – people want to have more control over their lives and get poultry for egg or meat production. This was compounded with the coronavirus as so many kids were staying home and parents were looking for activities for them. What is better than raising some poultry to keep the kids occupied? US mail order hatcheries report it is the best year ever for many of them. We are sold out of most of our birds for a month and that is not common this time of year. John Metzer, Metzer Farms

  2. Laura McLean says:

    What are the rules for back yard hens in green space rural farm

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