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Barn Spotlight: Daybreak Farms

By Canadian Poultry Staff   

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A look at Daybreak Farms' new facility that includes six interconnected barns, each equipped with its own separate production unit.

The facility includes six interconnected barns, each with its own production unit.

Location: Terrace, B.C.

Sector: Layers

The business
Daybreak Farms, located in the secluded town of Terrace, B.C., is a thriving egg operation. Comprising of layer barns, a grading station, and a feed mill, the farm employs about a dozen staff members. Following the unfortunate passing of her father, Kieran McKeown assumed control as general manager of the farm.  


The need
Upon inheriting the business, McKeown promptly shifted her focus towards replacing the farm’s deteriorating conventional barns. She recognized the industry’s shift towards enriched housing. She also felt that her community prioritized affordability over whether hens were cage-free. So, she embarked on a decade-long modernization project, investing millions into the development of a state-of-the-art enriched housing facility. 

The barn
McKeown had a single expansive facility built comprising of six interconnected barns, each equipped with its own separate production unit. Opting for a mega structure instead of three individual barns proved to be a more efficient choice, as stated by McKeown. Each barn is furnished with enriched, stackable housing and possesses its own ventilation system, climate control, manure removal, and feeding system. However, they all benefit from a shared conveyor belt, enhancing the efficiency of egg collection and sanitization.  

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