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Government invests $89M to boost processing capacity in supply managed sectors

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Canada invests $89M to modernize supply-managed sectors, bolstering rural communities and agri-food processors.

In a move to fortify Canada’s supply management system and support rural communities, Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, unveiled a significant investment of up to $89 million for 49 projects nationwide. The funding, allocated through the Supply Management Processing Investment Fund, aims to assist processors in supply-managed sectors in adapting to the challenges posed by recent international trade agreements.

The initiative specifically targets dairy, poultry, and egg processors, enabling them to acquire and implement cutting-edge automated equipment and technology. These enhancements are anticipated to elevate production capacity and efficiency, addressing environmental concerns and mitigating labor shortages. Noteworthy projects include the acquisition of milk pasteurizers, ultrafiltration systems, robotics for packaging, and advanced machines for egg grading, setting, and breaking.

The announcement took place at Lactalis Canada’s cheese plant in Ingleside, Ontario, where the company is set to receive up to $3,343,000 for the installation of new automated cheese processing and packaging equipment. The upgrades at Lactalis are expected to modernize the production facility, minimize waste, and enhance overall productivity.


Minister MacAulay reiterated the Canadian government’s unwavering commitment to preserving, protecting, and defending the country’s supply management system. This system not only ensures fair returns for Canadian producers but also brings stability to processors, providing consumers with a consistent supply of high-quality products.

“I will always stand up for Canada’s supply management system and the communities it supports. With this funding, dairy, poultry, and egg processors will be able to modernize their operations so they can continue providing Canadian families with high-quality products while supporting small, rural communities across the country,” said Minister MacAulay.

Mark Hubert, President and CEO of the Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council, emphasized the positive impact of the Supply Management Processing Investment Fund on processors in these sectors. “The Supply Management Processing Investment Fund has enabled numerous poultry and egg processors to make important new investments in their facilities. New investments in equipment and technology will facilitate companies’ efforts to increase productivity and efficiency and enable Canadian poultry and egg processors to undertake valuable and leading-edge modernization projects,” Hubert stated.

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