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ILT & MG – Saint-Dominique & Estrie – Quebec

A new MG infection emerges and progress on the ILT front.

May 30, 2019
By Canadian Poultry magazine


Two disease updates from Quebec.

DATE: May 13-14

LOCATIONS: Saint-Dominique & Estrie, Que.

DETAILS: On May 13, a new case of Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) infection in a small commercial egg layer farm was confirmed on Castlebar Road in Danville, Estrie – a low-density production area. A significant drop in egg deposition and some mortalities have recently been observed in birds of this farm. There are no commercial production sites within a radius of 10 km. The farm is in self-quarantine. There is no external supplier who delivers products and services at this production site.

Also in Quebec, the ILT Biosecurity Advisory Area and Vaccination Recommendation for the zone around Saint-Dominique (south of St Hyacinthe) was lifted on May 14. Repeated lab tests confirmed that the two broiler chicken farms had regained their negative status.


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