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New EFC campaign puts spotlight on eggs for dinner

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Ads promoting serving eggs for dinner feature relatable situations.

Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC) recently unveiled its latest marketing campaign centered on the concept of enjoying eggs for dinner. The organization is sharing this message with Canadian consumers through humorous and quirky ads that feature relatable situations and ask ‘What’s stopping you?’ from serving eggs for dinner.

“With more consumers preparing meals at home, there is a keen interest in exploring new ways to enjoy eggs,” says Glen Jennings, chair of the marketing committee of the EFC board of directors. “This insight gives us a strong launching point to demonstrate how eggs naturally fit into everyday lifestyles and can be used as a main protein in dinnertime meals.”

Drawing on a mix of traditional and innovative media placements the ‘What’s stopping you?’ campaign, developed by Cossette, features the Get Cracking brand and will reach consumers throughout the summer months and into 2024.


The media mix includes strategic television placements – with live sports and online streaming components – digital ads, billboards, transit ads, and a pop-up sampling event. A roster of online influencers will add to the conversation and inspire consumers through the #EggsAnytime hashtag.

“We’re excited to bring so many creative twists and playful scenarios forward to reframe how consumers think about eggs,” explains Natalie Rumscheidt, EFC’s director of marketing and nutrition. “We know that eggs can easily lend themselves to quick, nutritious meals – and with this campaign we’re looking to boost egg consumption by encouraging Canadians to reach for eggs more often in the evening.”

From a no-fuss dinner omelette for one to a nutritious family-style egg casserole, there are endless ways to enjoy eggs for dinner. Visit for recipes, how-to tutorials and meal inspiration. Watch the latest ‘What’s stopping you?’ ad HERE.

This latest Get Cracking campaign builds on the award-winning Eggs Anytime marketing platform which promoted eggs as meal options throughout the day. The original ‘It’s not weird’ campaign earned over a dozen awards and accolades, including the prestigious gold Strategy Award and several Marketing Awards for breakthrough creative and changing behaviours.

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