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Newcastle Disease – United States

September 28, 2018
By Canadian Poultry Magazine


DATE: September 28, 2018

LOCATION: California

DETAILS: Virulent Newcastle Disease outbreak in California backyard poultry spreads to live bird market.

As part of enhanced surveillance for virulent Newcastle disease virus in exhibition birds, the virus was detected in a live bird market.

State officials have quarantined the affected premises and implemented movement controls. The market has been depopulated (170 birds), cleaned and disinfected. Live bird markets in the area have been ordered to close for a day and perform cleaning and disinfection with environmental sampling.

Since May 18, USDA has confirmed 147 cases of vND in backyard birds in California, 95 in San Bernardino County, 21 in Riverside County, 30 in Los Angeles County and 1 in Ventura county.

SOURCE: Excerpted from OIE, USDA and CFDA releases

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