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If you have livestock or poultry in Ontario, consider signing up

Agricultural Research Service, USDA.

March 9, 2016 – 
The Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN) is a collaborative way of looking at disease in animals in Ontario.  Please take a moment to learn about the benefits to you and your farm, and consider signing up for this free, Ontario centered program. 

How does it work?

  • Veterinarians are asked via quarterly online survey about infectious disease and welfare concerns in their species of interest.  OAHN puts this together with laboratory data, condemnation data and other data sources.  The OAHN group meets to interpret this information.
  • A report summarizing the important disease trends and health/welfare information is created.  The information is about one page in length, and consists of practical information for producers to make note of and discuss with their vet. Veterinarians receive a vet specific report.

The value to you

  • Report: Species specific, Ontario based information on infectious disease is summarized from reputable sources.  You know what diseases are on the minds of your fellow producers, and have been diagnosed.  The reports are meant to help you make better decisions on your farm.
  • Communication during outbreaks: Pertinent disease alerts, and crucial information will be sent to you directly and immediately if an outbreak occurs.
  • Projects/subsidized testing: The OAHN information helps prioritize follow up funds for disease issues in your sector.  This year, each OAHN network submitted proposals to address disease issues for their sector, up to $50,000 per species.
  • Resources for producers and vets: OAHN offers free podcasts (audio recorded interviews) featuring infectious disease topics.  We also have Facebook and Twitter accounts for quick info for producers, which you can share easily.

Our desired outcome

The desired outcome is veterinarians and producers being able to make more informed decisions, based on current information on disease in Ontario.

To view OAHN resources, reports, news, and more, go to Your veterinarian can also sign up for a free account for access to the vet reports.

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