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Water Problems? The Basics of Identifying & Eliminating Challenges

By Canadian Poultry   

About Mary Katherine Foy……


About Mary Katherine Foy……

Mary is currently the Director of Technical Services for Proxy-Clean Products out of Melissa, TX. She holds a Master’s of Science in Environmental Microbiology and has spent her entire career in the Agricultural field.

Mary began as a Research Scientist for the University of Arkansas’ Poultry Products Division where her focus was improving the quality of water used during processing. She moved on to be a Laboratory Supervisor and Quality Assurance Manager for Cargill, Inc. Beef Division. Before joining Proxy-Clean she was the Research Assistant, Lab Manager and Cooperative Extension agent for Dr. Susan Watkins at the University of Arkansas’ Center of Excellence for Poultry Science where she gained extensive experience conducting trials on water conditioning additives and working one on one with growers on their farms to test, evaluate and develop solutions for their water quality needs.

Focusing on the challenges of water issues for Poultry Farmers, Mary Katherine Foy will present her findings on the solutions to many of these issues. 2 things that you will learn in this presentation:
1. Identifying water problems and how they got there
2. How to clean and maintain water-lines