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Barn Spotlight: Chicken Little Farm

By Brett Ruffell   

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Chicken Little Farm unveils state-of-the-art enriched layer barn in Dunvegan, Ont., signaling a new era for the family business.

The Haerle family from left to right: Roxane with son Mathew, daughters Kassandra, Sabrina,, son Chris and Markus. The producers run an egg operation in eastern Ontario. PHOTO: Chicken LiTtle Farm

Location: Dunvegan, Ont.

Sector: Layers

The business
Chicken Little Farm, under the Haerle family’s leadership, has unveiled a cutting-edge barn, signaling a new era for the business. With a rich 50-year history, they transitioned from dairy to laying hens decades ago. Now, with Markus and Roxane at the helm, joined by sons Christopher and Mathew, the producers have modernized their operation.


The need
The decision to build a new barn arose from the need to modernize facilities and align with evolving housing regulations for laying hens. Markus Haerle emphasizes, “The main reason was to get in line with new housing regulations.” The looming 2036 deadline to phase out conventional housing prompted a proactive approach to address the changing landscape and create space for the next generation on the farm.

The barns
Housing 21,000 birds, the barn utilizes Nuform building technology, providing structural integrity without additional cladding. A Systel heat exchanger system from France enhances energy efficiency, operating without additional heating for four weeks. The enriched layer cage system from Hellmann prioritizes bird welfare, and tunnel ventilation with a water curtain system ensures environmental sustainability. In Markus Haerle’s words, “There’s nothing hidden behind the discussion around an enriched cage; it performs the way it’s supposed to.” 

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