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Barn Spotlight: Lakeview Farms embraces solar energy for a greener future

By Canadian Poultry Staff   

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Recently as part of a comprehensive environmental plan, the Friesen family embraced solar energy. Here's a look at what they had installed and why.

The Friesen family invested in solar panels as part of their multilayered environmental plan. photos: Penfolds Roofing & Solar

Location Langley, B.C.

Sector Broilers

The business
The Friesen family have been operating farms in B.C.’s Lower Mainland for nearly 30 years. Founded by Everett and Emelie Friesen in 1995, their son Rob and his wife Jenn now run the broiler operation. They produce 60,000 to 70,000 chickens per cycle.  


The need
In 2013, having outgrown their original facility, the producers expanded to a new location. Since then, they have been focused on implementing an environmental plan that optimizes the use of their property for continued expansion. They pay attention to every detail, including creek management, culvert replacements, composting, building upgrades, and even rotational grazing. Now, they’ve taken things a step further by embracing solar energy to reduce their environmental footprint and deliver long-term cost savings.

The barn
Working with Penfolds Roofing & Solar, the producers had a 123-kW solar system installed this spring. It offsets up to 111 per cent of their electricity consumption. Thus, not only will it virtually eliminate their electricity bill, but it also provides them room to expand their operations without impacting their electricity costs. What’s more, the system is equivalent to saving over 58 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year – the same amount of CO2 produced annually from burning over 6,500 gallons of gasoline.  

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