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Farm exhibit displayed at the Ontario Science Center

By Farm & Food Care Ontario   

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Aug. 22, 2013 – Farm & Food Care Ontario has gifted its popular FarmzOnWheelz exhibit to the Ontario Science Centre (OSC) where it will have a place in the permanent rotation of the OSC’s exhibits.  Farm & Food Care estimates the value of the exhibit’s donation at $200,000.
Designed and built by the OSC, FarmzOnWheelz made its debut at the Canadian National Exhibition in 2009. Construction of the 600 square foot exhibit was supported by many Ontario farm organizations and agri businesses and features a number of interactive components that explain to visitors how science and technology impacts agriculture.
Since its launch, Farmz has appeared at 25 venues in Ontario including schools, museums and fairs over a total of 1,000 display days. It is estimated that the exhibit has been toured by three million Ontario residents.
The OSC has been an important partner in the Farmz exhibit from the beginning. Sue McLarty, FarmzOnWheelz project coordinator for Farm & Food Care, said that it was a logical decision to gift the exhibit back. “In Canada, this is a one-of-a kind exhibit. The long term vision was always for this display to be in a museum style learning environment with the potential for a large number of urban visitors,” she said.

Farm & Food Care considers the Ontario Science Centre as the best home for FarmzOnWheelz, as the OSC’s vision “to inspire a lifelong journey of curiosity, discovery and action to create a better future for the planet” is one that Farm & Food Care supports.
Mary Jane Conboy, the director of science content and design for Ontario Science Centre said: “FarmzOnWheelz was a project that we enjoyed developing. The content is very relevant to our focus on environmental issues and we’re now scouting locations within our facility where we will be able to feature it for the one million visitors that spend time at the OSC annually. “


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