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Improved RT Quick Change System

By The Wm. Goodyear Co.   

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newprod2The Wm. Goodyear Co. patented RT Quick Change system for picking fingers is now made of aluminum with a hard-coat finish. The redesign makes the device much lighter and reduces bearing load.

The RT Quick Change system, which incorporates a centrifugal locking
mechanism with a finger plate, now also features a secure-lock
indicator. It shows when the front plate is securely attached and
locked to the back plate. 

The innovative system offers many benefits in the picking room. These
include labour savings, increased safety, reduced ergonomic problems,
extended picking finger life, and improved sanitation.


Companies using the RT Quick Change will also realize increased safety
records and reduced injuries, because the system does not require sharp
instruments to remove spent picking fingers. With the RT Quick Change
system, fingers are simply pushed out of the RT disk. Ergonomically
designed, the RT Quick Change also puts less stress on employees’ hands
and arms.

Picking fingers receive more even wear with the system allowing them to be used for a longer period of time.

Existing picking machines can be retrofitted with the RT Quick Change system.

Fingers are available in yellow, grey and black colours and are
produced to the hardness required by each plant to assure maximum
For more information, contact Wm. Goodyear Co. by telephone at 877-245-7427 or by e-mail at .

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