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La Coop fédérée is now offering Aviscan, an innovative analytical tool for egg and poultry producers

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April 20, 2016 – After developing a technical and economic dashboard used by more than 1,500 dairy producers, La Coop fédérée is now offering Aviscan, an innovative analytical tool for egg and poultry producers in Quebec and New Brunswick to help them perform more efficiently. This new tool sets the standard as the most powerful in the industry and goes well beyond the services offered by chick and feed suppliers by providing an overview of all production data and operational variables.

Full integration for all production data

Contrary to existing reports in the poultry industry, which focus on one or just a few variables, Aviscan precisely calculates the cost-effectiveness of a batch by taking into account all costs and then comparing different lots or sites. Thanks to the full integration of data specific to their farm, producers can calculate their revenues in relation to quota leasing or by table egg grade, know the impact of mortality rates by taking them into account from the moment they occur in the production cycle, and measure feed efficiency, the cost of feeding programs and even the heating and ventilation costs for their operation.


Compare with the best producers for better performance

With this information in hand, producers can easily understand production strengths and problems, and identify the variables that can affect the profitability of a lot. Aviscan also helps determine the profitability of a leased quota compared to a scenario without lease. Finally, making good use of the data from all the production sites that are signed up, egg, chicken and turkey producers are also able to compare their performance to those of other producers and to those who achieve the best yields, and all this with complete anonymity. 

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