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Black Tunnel Doors



ct_blackdoorChore-Time has recently introduced tunnel doors that are black in
color.  The black Chore-Time Tunnel Doors can be used in all types of
poultry houses and offer poultry producers a reduction in the amount of light
reflected into the poultry house as well as improved in-house air mixing and
potential energy savings for tunnel ventilation systems.  The innovative
tunnel doors produce a cyclone-shaped air movement that generates desirable
airflow at bird level throughout the poultry house.

The unique air
movement helps to eliminate dead-air zones at the side- and end-walls typically
found in curtain sidewall or double-door houses.  The tunnel doors direct
cold air upward, away from birds until it has mixed with house air which then
swirls down and into the center of the house for outstanding air mixing.


ct_retroboxChore-Time’s Retro Box is designed for retrofitting an existing
CHORE-TRONICS® Control to add expanded features and the capabilities of the
newer generation CHORE-TRONICS® 2 Controls.  The Retro Box converts
CHORE-TRONICS Model 32 or 40 Controls to the functionality of a CHORE-TRONICS 2
Control without the expense of a whole new control.

Among the features
the Retro Box offers original generation CHORE-TRONICS Control users are the
ability to expand beyond 40 relays to a maximum of 80, an expanded number of inputs
and controlling temperature sensors, an easy-to-read display screen in English
or Spanish, and expanded management tools.  The CHORE-TRONICS Retro Box
uses the existing original generation relay box, temperature sensors and static
pressure kit to minimize installation time and reduce costs.

New Cable Guide

ct_cableChore-Time has recently introduced a new
easy-to-install plastic cable guide.  Chore-Time’s new cable guide is
designed for use with tunnel door or air inlet applications.

The guide (patent
pending) can accommodate cables or cords equally well.  Engineered to move
the pivot point for the cable closer to the wall, Chore-Time’s innovative cable
guide eliminates the need to use pulleys or screw hooks in order to achieve sufficient
pull for inlet or tunnel door operation.

Chore-Time’s new
cable guide also features tabs that hold the lag screw in place for one-handed
installation.  Cables snap into the guide’s pivot point with no threading

PROFESSIONAL Management Software

ct_centralPoultry producers who already use Chore-Time’s
advanced CHORE-TRONICS® Controls can easily take their poultry management to a
higher level by using Chore-Time’s C-CENTRAL™ Professional Management Software
to analyze the data already being collected.  This innovative software
gives producers flexibility in controlling their poultry house environment and
provides the means to monitor and analyze critical data to make operational
improvements as needed.

Chore-Time-developed C-CENTRAL Software can be used to communicate with up to
31 CHORE-TRONICS Controls.  This innovative software helps producers to
simplify management tasks and data collection as well as to monitor and adjust
conditions in single-house, multi-house, or multi-farm installations.  Remote
monitoring and adjustment of house conditions is also possible.

C-CENTRAL Professional Management Software works with all current CHORE-TRONICS
Controls and uses a Windows®-based operating system that will run on any
Windows-based desktop or laptop computer, including computers using Microsoft
Windows Vista®.  Data collected by the CHORE-TRONICS Controls can be
quickly displayed in table or graph form, or exported to another common
spreadsheet program.  C-CENTRAL Software also allows producers to design
their own overview pages that allow them to see at a glance critical data that
is important to their specific operation.  


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