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Alltech launches new poultry feed additive

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Company says Viligen promotes a healthy gut and microflora.

Viligen blends fatty acids, prebiotics and essential trace elements. Alltech

Global animal health and nutrition company Alltech has launched a new poultry feed additive it says aids in optimizing gut form and function.

Called Viligen, the company says it contains a range of new, scientifically-backed ingredients to support gastrointestinal tissue growth and activity.

It blends fatty acids, prebiotics and essential trace elements, which Alltech’s researchers say combine to promote beneficial bacteria in the gut and support natural defenses.


“This product supports growth, intestinal integrity and the bird’s own natural immune defenses,” said Dr. Kayla Price, Canadian poultry technical manager at Alltech.

“We believe that this product may help poultry producers in Canada knowing that better intestinal health leads to improved performance.”

Viligen is a part of the Alltech Gut Health Management program as well as the Alltech Antibiotic-Free and Alltech Antibiotic Reduction programs.

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