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Barn Spotlight: Volailles aux Grains Dorés

By Canadian Poultry Staff   


From old to new: Quebec farmers embrace state-of-the-art facilities for broiler production.

The new barns’ output is more in line with the couple’s processing needs of 1,500 to 2,000 birds a week. PHOTO CREDIT: Michaël Boulay

Location: Saint-Dominique, Que.

Sector: Broilers

The business
Michaël Boulay started raising broilers in Quebec’s Montérégie region in 1999 at age 18. Today, he and his wife Theresa Fuoco transform the 12,000 birds he produces per cycle into more than 70 fresh and frozen food items sold on their store and at select stores under their Volailles aux grains dorés brand name.  


The need
The producers were operating two old broiler houses from the 1960s that were both in need of major makeovers and produced nearly twice the number of birds they needed for their farm-based food manufacturing business. Thus, they built two new barns in 2020. Featuring state-of-the art poultry producing equipment and technology, the new four-room facilities produce 12,000 broilers per cycle. 

The barn
The new barns feature a long lineup of mostly Cumberland products and systems that are designed to help control and deliver everything from feed and storage to climate and remote management. Boulay says he is most taken by his new evaporative cooling pad system, which harnesses the natural cooling effect of evaporation to reduce heat stress on his birds by lowering the internal temperature of his new poultry houses by as much as 20°C. Boulay also loves Cumberland’s EDGE 2, a remote management system with a smartphone-like touchscreen and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. 

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