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June 1931

The majority of Canada Poultryman readers will notice a change in the appearance of this month’s issue.

The fast-growing circulation, which means thousands of new subscribers on the mailing list, has forced the publishers to get in step with the majority of magazines with a large circulation and print Canada Poultryman on paper called “newsprint” in place of the smooth-finished stock used up to the present.

Newsprint paper is lighter and provides a great saving in postage on the bulk volume mailed each month.  The cost of the paper per ream is also below that of the smooth paper the saving by this innovation will be used to improve the quality of editorial features, which, though of a high quality heretofore, will be greatly improved.


Articles by the leading poultry writer of worldwide reputation will appear monthly along with other new feature to be introduced during the coming months.

The phenomenal growth in circulation is probably due to the fact that Canada Poultryman is alone in the four western provinces, the only exclusive poultry paper published west of Toronto, assisted by the fact hat it is well edited and serves a useful purpose in its chosen field. 

The steady climb upwards in number of monthly readers the past few months has been fairly well distributed between the poultrymen of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with Saskatchewan again in the lead.  Eastern Canada balances with the number, which came in from foreign countries.

At the present rate of growth in circulation Canada Poultryman should out-distance all competitors in the next eighteen months. Get behind your favorite and pass this issue on to a friend after you have finished with it, suggesting to them that they become a subscriber.

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