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February 1929

The next meeting of the British Columbia Egg Pool will be held in New Westminster, on Saturday Feb. 23rd.  Every poultryman on the lower mainland and Vancouver Island should make an effort to attend.

The success of the Egg Pools elsewhere in Canada and the Untied States shows such a phenomenal improvement and betterment of conditions with stablilized markets and higher prices for the product to members and no-members alike that every Poultryman with a spark of ambition should get behind this movement with everything he possesses in the way of energy and action till the B.C. Eg Pool is an accomplished and successful organization.

The promotors of the project, who are men of vision combined with action, have had a difficult row to hoe so far, lack of interest, and failure to get behind the movement on the part of some of those who will eventually benefit, when the organization is a functioning actuality, has slowed up the progress.  The coming meeting should, however, clear up the few remaining misunderstandings and from that time on progress will no doubt be rapid.


To date thirty locals have been formed and eleven hundred signatures obtained, but this is only the beginning as at least seventy five per cent of the poultrymen must be singed up before the Pool can expect to be successful.

Do your bit towards making the British Columbia Egg Pool a success.  YOU will benefit in many ways and have the satisfaction of knowing that you did your share when the larger profits and improved conditions due to this co-operative movement put the industry over the top.

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