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February 1929

Some day some one will discover a remedy and the apparently over-stocked egg market will become stabilized with a profitable price to the producers for all the eggs marketed. 

In the meantime all that seems possible is being done.  Provincial Councils are being formed in each province in Canada to discuss and put into motion machinery that will tend to relieve the situation.  An Egg Pool is being formed in this province.  When it becomes operative a decided improvement in conditions will become apparent.

Canada Poultryman in this issue carries several articles which review the situation in a general way.  “What’s wrong with the poultry industry” on page two by Fred Beeson, hits the nail on the head in more ways than one.  “Protecting British Columbia’s Egg Supply” by Pearl Guinea, also offers suggestions.  “Canadians Must Eat More Eggs” tells the story of one of the Provincial Councils and gives the remedies they are putting into effect in an attempt to remedy the present unprofitable state of affairs.


From month to month this publication will publish all the available news on what is being accomplished in Canada and elsewhere and hopes to hit the nail on the head with some really worthwhile suggestions as the results of the many experiments make themselves felt.  A poultry magazine should be more than just a budget of news and educational articles.  It should represent the great industry in the whole-hearted manner, be the mouthpiece of the Associations, gather data and information that will assist its readers to surmount their difficulties and become indispensible to the poultrymen of the territory in which it circulates.

Canada Poultryman will endeavor to fill just such a position to the Poultrymen of western Canada. To make a success of the undertaking it must have the support of the Associations and their members in the form of advertising and cooperation.

Since its first issue the circulation of this publication has increased in leaps and bounds, which is very encouraging, each month the mailing list has grown larger by several hundreds.

Readers – the columns of this magazine are at your disposal if you have ideas that will benefit the industry make use of them by sending them in to the editor.

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