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Happy 30th Birthday, Chicken!

By Chicken Farmers of Canada   

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Jan. 22, 2008, Ottawa – Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) is celebrating  30 years of delivering the economical, safe, quality chicken that consumers want.

The industry has come a
long way from providing whole birds at the grocery counter – now,
chicken is Canada’s number one meat choice and is offered in a vast
array of cuts, convenient packaging and nutritious meal options for the
whole family!


Chicken is Canada’s favourite protein! Chicken consumption has increased dramatically over the last 30 years. Back then, the average Canadian consumed about 15.7 kg of chicken per year – now; Canadians enjoy 31.8 kg each! Production has increased in response, with farmers now producing over 175% more chicken now than they did in 1978. 


“We take pride in celebrating the fact that 30 years on, Canada’s 2,800 chicken farms are still raising quality chicken that Canadians can trust,” says David Fuller, Chairman of CFC and a chicken farmer himself, “One of our biggest strengths lies in the partnerships we have with each of our partners in the value chain. From gate to plate, the Canadian chicken industry is always growing, always evolving.” 


Canadian chicken operates under a system known as “supply management”. This system matches production to Canadian demand, allows farmers to receive a fair price from the marketplace without relying on taxpayer dollars, eliminates major fluctuations in prices and ensures a secure food supply that respects high Canadian standards. 


This system has the support of Canadians, too. 86% of Canadians feel that it is important that the chicken they buy is from Canada. And Canadians believe that we have to support Canadian chicken farmers. 92 % agree that it is important that the Canadian Government actively defend the interests of the Canadian chicken farmers. 


“As we look forward to another 30 years, it’s good to know that our fellow Canadians support us,” says Fuller, “By supplying consumers with what they want, and by remaining strong, competitive and forward-looking, Canadian farmers can look to the future with confidence.”

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